Cars & Gigs

Giving back to everyday cars and the drivers of them. The launch of our first wave of videos is a little delayed on our editing team side. We have a new launch date in April on our YouTube channel followed by unique NFT collections for each video where drivers can receive royalties on each NFT sold in that collection.


About Cars & Gigs

Giving love to the everyday car and the drivers that drive them

There are videos out there on high profile cars which are great but what about the everyday car? Here at cars & gigs we try to highlight the world of these everyday cars and give back to the drivers that drive them.

Make video showcasing the everyday car and its driver
Create a NFT collection for each car and driver
Launch NFT collection on OpenSea with royalties going back to the driver
Exclusive bonuses for holders of these NFT's

Cars & Gigs

Road Map

January, 2022

Complete first round of videos

April, 2022

Launch first round of edited videos on our YouTube channel and start monitoring every videos total views and likes

April, 2022

Create a NFT collection for each video and get ready to launch on OpenSea

May, 2022

Launch NFT collections and set up royalties to each driver (if they want them). Royalties amount is based on the amount of views and likes of each video

July, 2022

Establish partnerships with car manufactures to give special bonuses to holders of these NFT's

September, 2022

Partner with existing game on blockchain to have these NFT's as items that players in the game can obtain to unlock secrets within the game


Each NFT Collection Will Contain The Following

  • NFT name:Unique to each collection
  • NFT style:Anime, Cartoon, Painted or Other
  • Amount of NFT:Based on the # of views/likes of video
  • Cost of NFT:Calculated by # of views/likes of video
  • Royalties:Given to driver (if wanted)
  • Royalties Calculation:Based on the # of views/likes of video
General description

Cars & Gigs will release a NFT collection when that particular video reaches a certain amount of views.

Royalties will be given to driver (if wanted) ever time one of the NFT's from that particular collection is sold on Open Sea.


Frequency Asked Questions

This varies on the type of NFT collection and amount of views/likes of that video.  If the driver wants to receive royalties the range will be one to ten percent.

No there are no fees attached to receiving the royalties.  You will just need to create a free profile on OpenSea.

This depends on the NFT collection that is made for a particular video.  Our floor price will be 100 dollars and goes up from there.

This depends on a few factors. This includes amount of views, likes and type of NFT collection.  The minimal amount of NFT’s in any collection will no less than 25.

We launch a NFT collection four weeks after the launch of the video on our YouTube channel.

This can vary but in short it will take 1-3 weeks to edit video. Once video is edited it will be upload to our YouTube channel where we will start to monitor the views and likes.


Awesome Team

Andrew Yunker
Vu Nguyen
Michael Ryan Cesenas
Event Timeline Coordinator
Andrew Yunker
UI/UX Designer
Video Editor
NFT collection designer



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